Microscopy & Microanalysis 2017 Meeting

M&M 2017 will feature special anniversary content

  • A Saturday Pre-Meeting Congress organized by the new MSA Student Council
  • Anniversary lectures by pioneering figures in microscopy and microanalysisHistorical photo display and slide show capturing the history of the societies
  • Xnovotech contributes with one presentation about our technology.


The Microscopy & Microanalysis 2017 Meeting

is held at the America’s Center in St. Louis, Missouri 

August 6-10

International Conference on Tomography of Materials and Structures

ICTMS 2017 is the 3rd biannual conference of IntACT (International Association of Computed Tomography) and is focussed on the use of 3D tomographic methods for (non-clinical) studies of the internal structures of materials and their evolution.

The conference has 4 presentations on our technology – two are from Xnovotech.

3rd International Conference on Tomography of

Materials and Structures is held in Lund, Sweden

26th – 30th June 2017