Meat in supermarket

Xnovo software in food scanner project

Although the food industry takes all known precautions, it is not uncommon to find for instance small stones or pieces of wood in minced meat packages bought in supermarkets – not exactly adding to customer satisfaction. Metal, stone, or glass, have… Read more

Xnovotech PhD price awarded at Danscatt 2017

CEO Erik Lauridsen from Xnovotech was in the evaluation committee, which pointed out Henrik Jacobsen as top candidate for awarding this year’s best PhD thesis at  Danscatt Annual meeting 2017. The committee regarded his science to be at a high intern… Read more

Xnovo Technology welcomes Kenneth Kjær Nielsen

We are happy to welcomes the newest member of our team, Kenneth Kjær Nielsen. Kenneth adds experience with high-performance computing and inverse problems to the team.