FiberScanner 3D

The world’s first lab-based Tensor Tomography Solution

The FiberScanner3D solution provides non-destructive 3D tensor tomography capabilities on the Exciscope Polaris X-ray microscope made for laboratory use.


  • FiberScanner3D is the first 3D tensor tomography solution available in the laboratory, implemented as an add-on module on Exciscope Polaris, a state-of-the-art phase-contrast X-ray microscope, and complements the standard imaging and tomography capabilities.
  • The unique and simple grating design provides rapid mapping of X-ray scattering over a large field of view within a single exposure.
  • Robotic-assisted sample manipulation ensures uniform sampling in 3D with high flexibility.
  • This advanced imaging method is made accessible for routine operation to the non-expert user via a simple workflow and reconstruction method that ensures high-fidelity results.
  • 3D fiber map provides comprehensive information on fiber orientation, volume fraction, and alignment 

The FiberScanner3D supplies fiber orientation and fiber alignment maps matching those of the synchrotron quality.

Validation of laboratory-based X-ray Tensor Tomography against the synchrotron implementation of this technique. The inner product of fiber orientation vectors is calculated in each voxel.


This project was partially funded by the European Union’s EIC Accelerator grant agreement No. 946611.
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