Meet us at EBSD 2019

Come visit our poster at EBSD 2019: Non-destructive 3D Grain Mapping by Laboratory X-ray Diffraction Contrast Tomography Jun Sun 2-3 April 2019, National Physics Laboratory (NPL), Teddington, Greater London, UK

Meet us at TMS 2019

Xnovo will be attending TMS 2019 at the Henry B. Gonzáles Convention Center in San Antonio, TX, and you can learn about our technology through the talk: Mapping Grain Morphology and Orientation by Laboratory Diffraction Contrast Tomography Erik Lauri… Read more

Meet us at iCT 2019

Come visit our poster at the 9th Conference on Industrial Computed Tomography: P-57: Lab-based Diffraction Contrast Tomography (LabDCT) for Materials Microstructure Characterization in Industry Applications Christian Holzner iCT2019, 13-15 February 2… Read more
Materiaux 2018

Meet us at Matériaux 2018

Xnovo will be represented by Nicolas Gueninchault at the Matériaux 2018 conference. You do not need to be Frech-speaking to learn more about our technology by talking to Nicolas or attending his presentation: 3D grain boundary analysis with a laborat… Read more
MSE 2018

Materials Science and Engineering, MSE 2018

Xnovo will be attending Materials Science and Engineering 2018. Learn more about our technology from the following talk: Advances in 3D Grain Mapping with LabDCT Nicolas Gueninchault Session C04.4: In situ Techniques and Advanced Microscopy for High… Read more

Meet us at XTOP2018

Xnovo will be attending the 14th Biannual Conference on High-Resolution X-Ray Diffraction and Imaging, XTOP2018. Learn more about our technology from the talk: Nondestructive Materials Characterization in 3D by Laboratory Diffraction Contrast Tomogra… Read more

Meet us at XRM 2018

Xnovo is represented by Christian Holzner at the 14th International Conference on X-ray Microscopy, XRM 2018. 19-24 August 2018, Saskatoon, Canada

Meet us at THERMEC 2018

Xnovo will be attending THERMEC 2018, the International Conference on Processing & Manufacturing of Advanced Materials. Learn more about our technology through an applied example: Accessing 3D Grain Boundary Characteristics with LabDCT Florian Bachma… Read more
TMS 2018

Meet us at TMS 2018

Xnovo will be attending TMS 2018 at the Phoenix Convention Center, and you can learn about our technology through a number of different talks: Integrated Imaging in Three Dimensions: The Sum is Greater than the Parts Ashwin Shahani, University of Mic… Read more
Zeiss-webinar xnovo

LabDCT Webinar

Expanding 3D nondestructive X-ray Microscopy through Laboratory Diffraction Contrast Tomography (LabDCT) – A powerful new complementary solution to EBSD The free Zeiss Microscopy Webinar was broadcast on Wednesday, February 28, 2018 – 16:00 UTC. You… Read more
ICTconference 2018

Meet us at iCT 2018

Xnovo is represented by Allan Lyckegaard at the 8th Conference on Industrial Computed Tomography hosted by the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria. 6-9 February 2018, Wels, Austria Register here
Icotom xnovo

International Conference on Textures and Materials

Xnovo is attending the 18th International Conference on Textures and Materials, and Florian Bachmann will present Advances in 3D Grain Mapping with LabDCT Examples in both 3D and 4D will demonstrate current capabilities of the LabDCT technique for te… Read more

Xnovo is hosting CINEMA General Assembly

The research alliance CINEMA’s general assembly is held at Xnovo on September 22, 2017. CINEMA includes researchers from DTU and the University of Copenhagen along with Xnovo and three other Danish companies. The goal of CINEMA is to develop methods… Read more

DTU Symposium on Materials Science

Xnovo presents an analysis of the microstructural evolution during grain growth enabled by LabDCT on 38th Risø International Symposium on Materials Science: 4D Study of Grain Growth in Armco Iron Using Laboratory X-ray Diffraction Contrast Tomography… Read more

Microscopy & Microanalysis 2017 Meeting

M&M 2017 will feature special anniversary content A Saturday Pre-Meeting Congress organized by the new MSA Student Council Anniversary lectures by pioneering figures in microscopy and microanalysis Historical photo display and slide show capturing th… Read more