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Welcome to Simone Ferstl

We welcome Simone Ferstl in the role of Product Manager and Scientist to the Xnovo team. Simone holds a PhD in Physics from the Technical University of Munich. Her work revolved around the advancement of an in-house developed 3D X-ray microscope whic… Read more

Xnovo PhD prize awarded at Danscatt 2023

The prize for this year’s best Danscatt PhD thesis was awarded to Michael Korning Sørenser for his thesis, Morphology of organic solar cell materials – studied with X-ray scattering techniques, conducted at the Department of Energy, Technical Univers… Read more

Welcome to Asbjørn Rasmussen

It is a pleasure to welcome Asbjørn Rasmussen to the Xnovo team as our new scientist. Asbjørn holds a PhD in computational quantum physics from the Technical University of Denmark where he investigated novel ways to calculate electronic correlation e… Read more

GrainMapper3D version 3.2

We are proud to announce the release of GrainMapper3D version 3.2, with advanced memory handling to accommodate larger data sets. GrainMapper3D version 3.2 gives access to even larger and more representative 3D maps of grain orientations and morpholo… Read more

Systematically exploring the performance of DCT Ad…

The acquisition of high-fidelity 3D grain maps is essential for advancing our understanding of the micromechanical behavior of polycrystalline materials. Grain orientations, grain boundary misorientations, and grain shapes play a significant role in… Read more

Welcome to Ravi Raj Purohit PURUSHOTTAM RAJ PUROHI…

We welcome Ravi Raj Purohit PURUSHOTTAM RAJ PUROHIT in the role of Scientist to the Xnovo team. Ravi holds a PhD in Physics and mechanics of Materials and has applied his expertise in the fields of materials characterization with X-ray diffraction/sc… Read more

Welcome to Gorm Gruner Jensen

It’s a pleasure to welcome our new Scientist Gorm Gruner Jensen to the Xnovo team. Gorm obtained his PhD in physics from the University of Bremen in 2020. He has specialized in mathematics and simulation based analysis of complex systems and he has a… Read more

Correlation between corrosion behavior and grain b…

6061 Al alloy (Al-Si-Mg-Cu) is widely used for structural components in aerospace, transportation, and marine engineering because of its ease of fabrication and relatively high strength. Copper is added to improve the strength, however, this simultan… Read more

Multimodal investigation of 3D grain structure and…

Heterogeneities in the local microstructure and strain distributions in deformed metals are of critical importance for subsequent mechanical processing. It is thus essential to understand the formation of such local heterogeneities and to be able to… Read more

Grain boundary percolation studied by LabDCT

Grain boundaries (GBs) in a polycrystalline material provide faster diffusion paths (by orders of magnitude) compared to the intragranular lattice, hence damage will accumulate when a connected pathway of failure-susceptible GBs span the material. Th… Read more
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