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GrainMapper3D Product Information Booklet

Inclusive booklet introducing the non-destructive 3D crystallographic imaging with lab-based diffraction contrast tomography

Application Note – Grain Boundaries

Grain boundary wetting correlated to the grain boundary properties:
a laboratory-based multimodal X-ray tomography investigation

Application Note – Synchrotron Validation

Side by side comparison of Lab-based DCT to synchrotron DCT and HEDM

GrainMapper3D Spotlight – Low Carbon Steel

3D grain mapping of a low carbon steel sample

GrainMapper3D Spotlight – Grain-oriented Electrical Steel

3D grain mapping of two ultra-thin grain-oriented electrical steel samples

GrainMapper3D Spotlight – Periodite

3D grain mapping of a peridotite sample containing olivine and pyroxene

GrainMapper3D Spotlight – Titanium Tensile Sample

3D grain mapping of the gauge section of a titanium dog-bone tensile sample

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