3D Crystallographic Imaging Software

The GrainMapper3D™ software provides non-destructive 3D crystallographic imaging on a laboratory X-ray microscope.

The GrainMapper3D software enables

  • diffraction contrast tomography (DCT) on a laboratory setup by taking advantage of the unique capabilities of the ZEISS Xradia 520 Versa X-ray Microscope.
  • quantification of grain orientation information in a 3D environment – without physical sectioning of the sample.
  • 4D studies of microstructure evolution when e.g. testing how the material reacts to annealing, mechanical loading or other environmental conditions.

Here is how it works:

1) Sample collection

Mount sample material in a ZEISS Xradia 520 Versa X-ray Microscope equipped with a LabDCT™ module.
Align the sample and initiate a LabDCT scan.

Sample collection

2) Processing

Load the acquired data into Xnovotech’s GrainMapper3D software.
Enter basic information about data collection and the material.
Separate signals from background through segmentation and launch the 3D reconstruction.

3D reconstruction

3) Validation

After 3D reconstruction of diffraction information the results can be visualized and refined and finally exported for further analysis.

Refine and export


Visualization of the material’s grain structure where the cubes illustrate crystal orientation scaled by grain size.
4D time evolution studies are possible.

Visible grain structure

The software is based on many years of research in non-destructive 3D diffraction-based imaging at large-scale synchrotron facilities.

Please read the concrete usage scenarios and feedback on the GrainMapper3D from our customers. They might inspire your own application of the technology.

Understand crystalline materials and…

  • optimize the strength of your materials.
  • provide insight into how materials change when exposed to heat or mechanical loading.
  • improve on material failure.
  • determine the lifetime and durability of your material.

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