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For engineering and materials sciences

3D Crystallographic Imaging

Perform Diffraction Contrast Tomography experiments in your own laboratory.

Get unprecedented possibilities for direct 1:1 validation of computer-based material simulations.

Xnovotech’s unique software solution allows you to analyze materials without the need for large-scale synchrotron research facilities.

We call it GrainMapper3D™

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Together we develop advanced 4D X-ray imaging solutions, and we have several new products in pipeline.

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Software manager

Software developer

“The LabDCT module on our ZEISS Xradia 520 Versa 3D X-ray microscope with the GrainMapper3D software is a huge progress for us at The Technical University of Denmark in mapping the microstructure of materials. Using this new tool we now have the ability to see the development in how metals crack when exposed to heat or pressure and relate the observed failure modes to the surrounding grain structure.

We perform a lot of tests and need to do it whenever we want. Therefore it is crucial to us to have laboratory access to such advanced microscopy tools.”

Dorte Juul Jensen
Dorte Juul JensenProfessor at Technical University of Denmark (DTU) Department of Wind Energy

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