Aerial view of the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF). (Credit: Denis Morel, ESRF)

Synchrotron-based Research on Laboratory Scale Equipment

Xnovotech specializes in innovative 3D X-ray imaging techniques that transform synchrotron research into robust and user friendly laboratory solutions. Our clients strengthen their research & development capabilities by using our solutions.

In the last decade X-ray imaging has gone from primarily being applied within the medical field to finding widespread application within material science, food science, geology, archeology and more.

The extremely intense X-ray beams available at large-scale synchrotrons has made those facilities the preferred playground when scientists explore novel ways of improving 3D X-ray imaging and develop new X-ray imaging modalities to complement conventional absorption contrast imaging.

However, the general usage of such large-scale facilities is hindered by limited user access and a high level of complexity using the facilities.

Xnovotech’s solutions make it possible to acquire this data with laboratory scale equipment and provide simple and user friendly interfaces for fast and reliable usage of our software.

The Xnovotech Software Provides Unique New Information

Laboratory X-ray systems cannot compete with large-scale synchrotron facilities in the speed of which data is collected, thus new and more efficient ways of interpreting the data are required.

We have developed advanced algorithms that utilize every bit of information collected from the laboratory systems, resulting in performances comparable with state-of-the-art synchrotron techniques. In doing so, we are turning the differences between synchrotrons and laboratory sources into advantages for our customers.

Our First Product: The GrainMapper3D™ software

The GrainMapper3D software is the first example of how Xnovotech applies this knowledge to bring synchrotron-inspired 3D crystallographic imaging capabilities to a ZEISS Xradia 520 Versa microscope.

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