Xnovo PhD prize awarded at Danscatt 2021

The prize for this year’s best Danscatt PhD thesis was awarded to Nikolaj Roth for his thesis, Direct-Space Analysis of Correlated Disorder in Crystals, conducted at the Center for Materials Crystallography, Department of Chemistry, Aarhus University… Read more

Harnessing LabDCT to understand dynamics of liquid…

When a liquid metal like gallium penetrates along the grain boundaries within a polycrystalline solid metal like aluminum, replacement of the original grain boundaries with the liquid layer generally causes intergranular brittle fracture in otherwise… Read more

Welcome to Azat Slyamov

It’s a pleasure to welcome Azat Slyamov to the Xnovo team. Azat finished a PhD from DTU Energy, where he developed new methodologies for acquisition and reconstruction of coherent X-ray microscopy data. As part of his PhD, funded by the EU Horizon 20… Read more

Welcome to Jacob Ross Bowen

We are happy to announce that Jacob Ross Bowen has joined the Xnovo team as our new Product Manager. Jacob joins Xnovo from an Associate Professorship in the Imaging and Structural Analysis section at DTU Energy with over two decades of scanning elec… Read more

GrainMapper3D version 3.0

We are proud to announce the release of GrainMapper3D version 3.0, taking in-house 3D grain mapping to the next level. GrainMapper3D version 3.0 gives access to larger and more representative 3D maps of grain orientations and morphologies in polycrys… Read more

ZEISS Xradia CrystalCT –dedicated microCT system f…

ZEISS, in collaboration with Xnovo Technology, introduces the first crystallographic micro-computed tomography system – Xradia CrystalCTTM. CrystalCT is a world-first commercial implementation of diffraction contrast tomography (DCT) on a traditional… Read more

Multimodal 3D imaging assisted modelling of drug d…

A fundamental understanding of the behaviour of polycrystalline pharmaceuticals is vital for control of their physicochemical and crystalline properties, which in turn has the potential to improve e.g. drug product development.  Molecular modelling o… Read more

3D investigation of grain boundaries in industrial…

The versatile 6061 Al alloy is widely used for structural components in aerospace, transportation, and marine engineering due to its ease of fabrication and relatively high strength. Material defects like intergranular corrosion and stress corrosion… Read more

Welcome to Rasmus Buus Nielsen

It’s a pleasure to welcome Rasmus Buus Nielsen as a full time member of the Xnovo team. Rasmus is about to finish a MSc in computational physics from the University of Copenhagen with a masters thesis on developing advanced ptychography methods writt… Read more

New insights into recrystallization enabled by 3D…

For studies of recrystallization mechanisms, important experimental evidence can be achieved through correlative analysis based on non-destructive 3D multimodal imaging. In particular the combination of laboratory diffraction contrast tomography (Lab… Read more
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