3D investigation of grain boundaries in industrial…

The versatile 6061 Al alloy is widely used for structural components in aerospace, transportation, and marine engineering due to its ease of fabrication and relatively high strength. Material defects like intergranular corrosion and stress corrosion… Read more

Welcome to Rasmus Buus Nielsen

It’s a pleasure to welcome Rasmus Buus Nielsen as a full time member of the Xnovo team. Rasmus is about to finish a MSc in computational physics from the University of Copenhagen with a masters thesis on developing advanced ptychography methods writt… Read more

New insights into recrystallization enabled by 3D…

For studies of recrystallization mechanisms, important experimental evidence can be achieved through correlative analysis based on non-destructive 3D multimodal imaging. In particular the combination of laboratory diffraction contrast tomography (Lab… Read more
Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Components

Fiber-composite mapping receives a boost towards m…

We are proud to announce the award of a Horizon 2020 EIC Accelerator Pilot grant to Xnovo! This grant supports close-to-market activities of high-risk, high-potential innovation developed by SMEs. Xnovo’s development of a simple and cost-effective ad… Read more

Dynamics of particle-assisted abnormal grain growt…

Abnormal grain growth may occur at elevated temperatures in materials such as metals and ceramics. This is undesirable as it limits the lifetime of components. To overcome abnormal grain growth, secondary-phase particles can be added during fabricati… Read more

Now LabDCT on demand on the ZEISS Microscopy Insig…

When most conferences have either been cancelled, postponed or gone virtual, the ZEISS Microscopy Insights Hub offers everyone the unique opportunity to learn about microscopy and its applications at home and on demand. Two webinars featuring LabDCT,… Read more
Tiago Ramos

Welcome to Tiago Ramos

It’s a pleasure to welcome Tiago Ramos to the Xnovo team. Tiago holds a PhD from DTU Energy, where he developed numerical algorithms for image data analysis in different complimentary X-ray modalities used to characterize energy materials. He has a b… Read more
industrial steel

Industrial Steel Process Monitoring with LabDCT

In the steel processing industry it is of the utmost importance to both detect and understand potential microstructural heterogeneities caused by the various processing steps. The heterogeneities are often observed at substantially larger length scal… Read more

GrainMapper3D version 2.2

We are proud to announce the release of GrainMapper3D version 2.2, which is even faster and more intuitive than it’s predecessor. Through the LabDCT™ module for the ZEISS Xradia 520/620 Versa X-ray Microscopes, GrainMapper3D version 2.2 gives access… Read more
Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Components

Efficient Characterization of Entire Fiber-Reinfor…

Researchers from the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) and Xnovo Technology ApS have developed a novel x-ray imaging technology for the efficient characterization of fiber orientations within fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) components. First results of ap… Read more
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