Webinar on Grain Growth

Tales of the Abnormal: Grain Growth in the Presence of Particles

Want to learn how nondestructive, correlative imaging can provide a wealth of insights on microstructure evolution, for instance grain growth? This webinar will highlight how X-ray microscopy techniques, including LabDCT, are invaluable, non-destructive techniques for microstructural characterization of (abnormal) grain growth, as well as for investigating the role of second phase particles in this connection. Emphasis will be on the data processing workflows that are necessary to bridge the imaging modalities, lengthscales, and timescales.

The webinar is intended for researchers from both academic and industrial sectors who are interested in grain growth.

Speakers: Ashwin Shahani, University of Michigan

Aired on November 4, 2020 – NOW AVAILABLE ON DEMAND

The webinar is free of charge – registration required

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