Webinar on Pharmaceutical Powder Formulations

Unlocking the Microstructure of Pharmaceutical Formulations using
3D X-ray Microscopy

Want to learn more about pharmaceutical powder formulations? This webinar will highlight how X-ray microscopy techniques, including LabDCT, are invaluable, non-destructive techniques for microstructural characterization of pharmaceutical powders, because powder performance is not only dependent on the powder bulk density and micromeritic properties of individual particles, but also crucially on the structuring of particles within the powder bed.

The webinar is intended for researchers from both academic and industrial sectors who are interested in powder characterization.

Speakers: Darragh Murnane, University of Hertfordshire, Hrishikesh Bale, Carl Zeiss Microscopy Inc. &
Parmesh Gajjar, University of Manchester

Aired on September 28, 2020 – NOW AVAILABLE ON DEMAND

The webinar is free of charge – registration required

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