Webinars on 3D grain mapping

비파괴 3D Grain Mapping으로 연구를 더 깊이 있게

with ZEISS Xradia CrystalCT

Speaker: BongSeok Song (ZEISS)

Language: Korean

Date: 25 June 2021

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3D Crystallographic Tomography:

A revolutionary new lab technique to image grain microstructure

Speakers: Hrishikesh Bale & Andy Holwell. Carl Zeiss X-ray Microscopy Inc.

Language: English

Registration link – watch recording



Speakers: Youli Hong (ZEISS), Jun Sun (Xnovo) & Bao Lu (ZEISS)

Language: Chinese

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CrystalCT: High Throughput 3D Crystallographic Imaging in Your Laboratory

Towards achieving large statistics and true sample representivity

Speakers: Shaun Graham (ZEISS), Yanjing Yang (ZEISS) & Jun Sun (Xnovo)

Language: English

Registration link – watch recording



Speaker: Chisato Yamamoto (ZEISS)

Language: Japanese

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Frontiers in non-destructive 3D grain mapping in the laboratory

Speakers: Hrishikesh Bale, Carl Zeiss X-ray Microscopy Inc. & Erik Lauridsen, Xnovo

Language: English

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