Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Components

Fiber-composite mapping receives a boost towards market introduction

We are proud to announce the award of a Horizon 2020 EIC Accelerator Pilot grant to Xnovo! This grant supports close-to-market activities of high-risk, high-potential innovation developed by SMEs.
Xnovo’s development of a simple and cost-effective add-on module for non-destructive 3D x-ray imaging of fiber-orientation distributions in entire fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) components is exactly such an innovation. It is the product of a successful Eurostars collaboration between Xnovo, the Paul-Scherrer Institute in Switzerland and the Technical University of Denmark.
FRPs are increasingly used as alternatives to load-bearing metal parts due to their superior design flexibility and high strength-to-weight ratio. Their mechanical strength depends on the co-alignment of local fiber orientation and main loading direction(s). Xnovo’s solution enables non-destructive characterization of fiber orientation on entire(!) FRP components, thus contributing to the full exploitation of FRP mechanical properties and shortening their design and development cycles.
The grant, in excess of 1M EUR, will greatly facility an accelerated go-to-market by allowing expedited hiring and industry partner engagements. This is beyond what an organic growth of such a novel technology in a SME would allow, contributing to our vision of becoming a frontrunner in the large and unserved market of industrial FRP imaging.
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