Xnovo software in food scanner project

Although the food industry takes all known precautions, it is not uncommon to find for instance small stones or pieces of wood in minced meat packages bought in supermarkets – not exactly adding to customer satisfaction.

Metal, stone, or glass, have different absorption contrasts than organic materials, and are detectable with existing X-ray solutions.

But there is a need for the food industry to be able also to spot foreign objects of organic origin in the meat. This requires new technology.

New X-ray scanner for all foreign objects

As a consequence of these challenges, a new project called The Dark Field Detector has been established.

The objective of The Dark Field Detector is to develop an X-ray scanner, which is able to detect objects of both organic and inorganic origin in food.

Xnovo Technology participates as supplier of X-ray imaging solutions.

Innovation Fond Denmark has awarded 5 million DKK for the project.

Kød skal scannes for urenheder med ny røntgentype (Innovationsfonden, dansk)

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