Release notes

Release notes

This page contains release notes describing new features of the latest versions of GrainMapper3D™


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  • GrainMapper3D™ version 3.0.1 (September 2021)
    • Bugfix resolving Engineering Tools DCT calibration overexposure issue with 4X absorption scans on V620 systems by determining the exposure time before starting the scan.
  • GrainMapper3D™ version 3.0.2 (October 2021)
    • Bugfix resolving GrainMapper3D 3.0 and 3.0.1 do not reconstruct from DCT data if Sample Y position in TXRM is constant. In rare cases, the Sample Y position of the entire scan stays constant. DCT data has to be reimported in order to get correct behaviour.
  • GrainMapper3D™ version 3.1 (March 2022)


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