GrainMapper3D version 2.3

We are proud to announce the release of GrainMapper3D version 2.3, which is even faster and more intuitive than it’s predecessor. Through the LabDCT™ module for the ZEISS Xradia 520/620 Versa X-ray Microscopes, GrainMapper3D version 2.3 gives access to 3D maps of grain orientations and morphologies in polycrystalline materials and enables correlation with complimentary information on e.g. cracks, porosities and inclusions – non-destructively.

Highlighted features of GrainMapper3D version 2.3


  • All crystal symmetries are now supported. The user is guided by a default hkl family selection for an appropriate reconstruction, but also has the option to customize the selection for indexing and inspection.
  • GrainMapper3D Viewer – a simple, dedicated viewer for GrainMapper3D project files and results.
  • Flexible region of interest masking, including absorption range selection, marker based segmentation and cylindrical cropping (e.g. for samples in capillaries).

With the release of GrainMapper3D version 2.3, non-destructive 3D crystallographic imaging in your home lab was never easier!


For more information please see the release notes or contact

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